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KUBRA, the leading customer experience management company to utilities, government, and insurance organizations, today announced its acquisition of Dropcountr, a leading cloud-based data analytics and customer engagement company for water utilities. The addition of Dropcountr to KUBRA will provide clients with access to billing and payments, customer communications, and water analytics under a unified platform, furthering KUBRA’s mission to provide the most comprehensive customer experience platform on the market.

A conversation with the H2duO and Robb Barnitt, CEO and Founder of Dropcountr Robb Barnitt.

Support & FAQs

Do I need AMI for Dropcountr to work?

No. Most Dropcountr utilities still read meters monthly.

Does Dropcountr only work with large utilities?

We work with utilities of every shape and size. Our smallest utility customer has 450 connections!

We are understaffed and overbusy. How turnkey is a Dropcountr deployment?

Dropcountr launches are optimized to launch quickly with minimal staff time - as little as eight hours shared between members of a utility launch team.

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Always on, and highly accessible

Accessibility means investing in our many communities and understanding user needs in a way that’s truly equitable. Here are several ways that we include and engage all customers.

Case Study

Denver Water Case Study

Denver Water has piloted varying engagement strategies to educate customers about their personal usage and reduce overall consumption and better understand what channels are most effective ($/AF) for conservation communication and engagement. In 2017 Denver Water piloted Dropcountr’s customer portal, HOME, as part of this ongoing engagement strategy.

City of Folsom Case Study

Researchers from the University of California at Berkeley and the University of Kentucky examined the effects of Dropcountr on water usage in the City

Austin Water Case Study

Austin, TX is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the US. To address the rapidly-growing population and increasing water constraints facing Austin,

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