Finally, a CLEAR view of your customers

A versatile and flexible platform for customer communication, data analytics, and actionable intelligence.

Drive engagement with multi-channel customer service tools

A data-driven dashboard

Data Analytics

Infinitely customizable, an analytical dashboard that showcases the metrics most relevant to you.

Customer Insights

Which accounts are over budget? How many have an active leak? Who has a smart irrigation controller?

Communication Metrics

With our Broadcast communication engine, see how many messages were sent – and delivered – via push notification, SMS or text, and email.
Step up to modern and integrated software

Reduce customer service costs and modernize operations

Why Dropcountr CLEAR for your Utility Staff?

A modern, cloud-based platform

Fewer intermediate spreadsheets and less switching between applications, let CLEAR support your staff across customer service, conservation, billing, and operations.

You’re part of our product development team

CLEAR is flexible and customizable, and it’s been developed using feedback from utility staff like you. Have a great idea for a new feature that adds value for you and our industry? Let us know and we’ll add it to our product roadmap.

Give commercial customers insights and alerts into water usage

A customer portal for your residential customers. Available on iOS, Android, and any modern web browser.

Case Study

Denver Water Case Study

Denver Water has piloted varying engagement strategies to educate customers about their personal usage and reduce overall consumption and better understand what channels are most effective ($/AF) for conservation communication and engagement. In 2017 Denver Water piloted Dropcountr’s customer portal, HOME, as part of this ongoing engagement strategy.

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