What We Do

Dropcountr helps water utilities apply data analytics, artificial intelligence, and behavioral science to better serve and engage their customers.

The Past

Modern, digitally-driven customers expect modern, digitally-driven relationships. Brands and service providers have learned to adopt, yet the average utility is still desperately behind in building positive customer relationships; relationships that lead to higher satisfaction, program participation, information sharing and trust.

The Future

Transparency, responsiveness and support is more important than ever to the customer and utilities are quickly learning how to build relationships and manage personal dialogue with powerful software tools. Dropcountr helps manage these relationships and bring the customer and utility together – helping everyone save money, time and water.


Dropcountr is a cross-section of technologists, designers, industry-veterans and optimists

who’re passionate about building technology for social and environmental change.

Robb Barnitt

Founder & CEO

A lifelong sustainability enthusiast and engineer by trade, for 25 years Robb has worked to commercialize technologies that make a difference. He started Dropcountr in 2013.

Formerly: Solazyme, NREL

Education: Stanford, UC Berkeley

Peter Williams


Peter is an enthusiastic technology leader with a passion for sustainability. He brings more than 20 years experience making the world better through computer systems.

Formerly: Itron, OpenLogic

Education: CSU

Ganesh Krishnamurthy, PE

VP Business Development

A 15-year water industry veteran, Ganesh has seen it all as an engineer at MWH, a Division Manager at Elsinore Valley MWD, and an AMI strategy and implementation consultant.

Formerly: West Monroe, EVMWD

Education: Texas A&M, UCLA

Kellock Irvin

Director: Product, Utilities

Kellock brings over a decade of experience building companies, product and programs in the energy and water space. Kellock is responsible for the entire product lifecycle.

Formerly: SunPower, LS

Education: UC Santa Barbara

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