The platform that makes customers and utilities happy


A customer portal for your residential customers. Available on iOS, Android, and any modern web browser.


An engagement platform just for your commercial customers.


All customer accounts in one place, with a multi-channel communications engine.

Tools to engage both residential and commercial customers 24/7

Water customer engagement is not one size fits all. Residential and commercial water customers come in many shapes and sizes, and have their own unique needs.

Customer App & Portal

Native mobile apps available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. A web portal for those who prefer a desktop experience.

Automated Communications

Leak and threshold alerts triggered by robust data algorithms. Boil water advisories and more sent to the right customers at the right time.

Utility Dashboard

Operational analytics, leak reports, targeted messaging via push notification, text message, and email.

Insights that automate and improve workflow

Daily reports for leaks and over-budget accounts. One-click data exports. Integrations with billing, CIS, and other mission critical solutions.

Key Differentiators

Collaboration Comes Standard

Dropcountr values your feedback. Your suggestions help us build better products for you and your customers.

Residential and Commercial Apps

Commercial customers may represent relatively few accounts, but a large proportion of water use. Dropcountr has a product just for them.

Mobile-first Customer Experiences

The world has gone mobile, and personal business has moved to your customer's smartphone. 90% of mobile device time is spent on native mobile apps, just like Dropcountr.

Best in Class Product Design

Customer expectations and attention spans don’t tolerate a user experience. Our engagement and performance is a direct result of superior design.

Case Study

Denver Water Case Study

Denver Water has piloted varying engagement strategies to educate customers about their personal usage and and to better understand what channels are most cost effective for conservation communication and engagement. In 2017 Denver Water piloted Dropcountr’s customer portal, HOME, as part of this ongoing engagement strategy.

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