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March ’18: Metering the “Secondary”

Kudos to Matt Weiser on this Water Deeply story

A tale of two connections

Despite their environment, at the edge of the dry west, 61% of Utah’s suppliers provide customers with “secondary” water systems: an additional connection that gives homeowners access to untreated and unmetered water, sold at a flat rate, to irrigate lawns, gardens, and landscaping.

All that available and unknown secondary water has made Utah one of the thirstiest states in the union, at an average of 167 gallons per capita daily, according to a dated 2010 survey.

A step forward

In February, Republican state senator Jacob Anderegg presented Senate Bill 204, which would require metering (not billing yet) of all secondary water connections by 2028. He knew the associated price tag would not be popular, but “as a conservative we’ve got to conserve. And the truth is we’re not.”

Data curtails usage

Saratoga Springs, a city in Senator Anderegg’s district, deployed secondary meters in 2015. Despite the 4,000 meter $3.5M pricetag (paid for by bonds) the city saw an immediate 30-50% reduction in secondary water use and saved the city money. Data wins again!

“Without the data, what we don’t measure we never improve” – Senator Anderegg

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Customer satisfaction never meant so much
Staff are being asked to do more with less and utilities are expected to deliver services beyond the meter, but the rising tide of customer expectations shouldn’t be viewed as a burden. Data and a perspective on the evolving customer playbook.

Penny for your…bill?
A Florida woman recently exercised her displeasure with management by paying a $493 bill in pennies. McCool was responsible for a bill almost 10x her average due to a leak “neither a plumber or leak detector could find.” So she took her peaceful protest to social media and…carry the 9, drop the three… a lot of pennies. #customersatisfaction #couldabeenavoided

Investing in the customer’s water IQ
San Antonio may be the world’s most forward-thinking city when it comes to water. But it learned to conserve a precious resource the hard way – and from an unlikely teacher. Story from The Guardian.

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