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July 2018: It’s More Than Just An App

Bringing the watershed to your local tabletop
There’s a ton of stories to cover this month, but the one that really (shamelessly) caught our attention is the augmented reality app WWF released called Free Rivers. Free Rivers brings a watershed to your closest flattest surface and takes viewers through water’s journey – evaporation, flooding, the building and removal of dams, even a river-rafting mini-game. This experience is truly something special – give it a go!

Educators, parents, citizens take note
This app is representative of the type of services that not only educates viewers but also leads to meaningful behavior change. The WWF has provided an environment where anyone can explore ecosystem roles and consequences. It’s engaging, it’s personalized, you can almost touch it!

Put it in their hands
What WWF has created is similar to the type of engaging experience delivered at Dropcountr. We haven’t built out an augmented reality experience (yet! Imagine the opportunities!), but we’ve started building the digital bridge that connects utilities with their customers in a way that is instructive, educational and supportive.

The Dropcountr team had way too much fun bringing Free Rivers to the office. In our spare time we also serve hundreds of thousands of utility customers with our mobile and desktop apps. To request a product demonstration, reach out to us at


Plug Pulled on Program Paying Farmers to Conserve CO River Water (5 minute read)
The pilot program (we wrote about in September 2017) began paying ranchers and farmers in 2015 to fallow fields and let water run down the river system toward Lake Powell. That program is being put on hold.

Gov. John Hickenlooper’s legacy of water (7 minute read)
Governor Hickenlooper started as the Mayor of Denver before moving to the Governor’s office.  In January he’ll leave 15 years of service making Colorado water a core policy issue. The Journal takes a look at Hick’s legacy.

The $3 Billion Plan To Turn Hoover Dam Into a Giant Battery (9-minute read)
This takes the cake for most ambitious plan of the month. LADWP is proposing pumping CO River water back upstream and behind Hoover Dam– with solar and wind turbine generated power – effectively turning the legendary dam into a giant renewable battery. 

What’s happening at Dropcountr
The summer heat can’t slow this team down! Dropcountr presented at the CalWEP-hosted “peer-to-peer” learning session in San Francisco late last month before running off to Vegas for the AWWA Annual Conference. Dropcountr was a featured partner in this month’s AWE newsletter and our very own Austin Water received platinum certification on the G480 standard, nicely done!!

Also, Florida 🌴☀💦 Pompano Beach we are thrilled thrilled thrilled to partner with you!

Talk to everyone soon, enjoy what remains of summer!
Team Dropcountr

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