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Modernize the way your staff engage

with customers.

Modern, digitally-driven customers have modern, digitally-driven expectations.

Dropcountr helps utilities meet expectations and increase customer satisfaction.

See how Austin Water transformed their utility ->

Build Relationships

Relationships are more important than ever as customers adapt to rate increases & conservation requests

Communicate Instantly

The modern customer prefers digital communication, conveniently saving the utility paper/post costs.

Empower Self-Service

Most customer service calls can be resolved by the end user. Dropcountr guides this process with information and tips

Integrate with your existing infrastructure.

No smart meters required.

Dropcountr is compatible with every major meter manufacturer on the market with any read frequency.

In some service areas, Dropcountr has been launched and running in less than two weeks.

Talk with Dropcountr partners on their experience ->

“I just got a leak alert from Dropcountr on my phone

and found that the kids had left the hose on, which I

probably wouldn't have noticed for days.”

– Lindsay Butler, Folsom, CA

Empower your customers

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Reduce Costs

Digital engagement reduces typical paper and post costs associated with customer communication

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Increase Satisfaction

Customers increasingly want relationships with their utiility, and to feel supported with the right tools

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Dropcountr is easy and intuitive for your staff and for customers.

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