Engagement, Insights and Data for Customer-Focused Water Utilities.

Helping Utilities and Your Customers Use Less Water

The Dropcountr Platform

Cloud-based data analytics and customer engagement. Dropcountr translates data generated by water meters into actionable information for utility staff and their customers.

Meet the expectations of today’s customer

Today’s water customer expects more than a paper bill and a website. Dropcountr meets your customers where they spend their time – on their mobile device and the web. Now, they can match their water use to their bill and perform self-service tasks like electronic bill payment and start/stop service.

Modernize and transform your utility

Utility modernization is happening fast, but customer expectations are hard to keep up with. Dropcountr empowers your customers with information and tools, which means fewer service inquiries and questions.

Communicate with the right customers at the right time with Dropcountr digital messaging, and save on paper outreach, staff time, and truck rolls.

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