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About Dropcountr:
Dropcountr helps water utilities apply data analytics, artificial intelligence, and behavioral science to better serve and engage their customers. We’ve partnered with cities like Austin TX, Denver CO, Bozeman MT and West Palm Beach FL and are looking for colleagues who can help support an expanding customer portfolio and software stack.

Our systems – and the development projects you’ll lead – are changing the way water utilities operate.

For more detail, visit www.dropcountr.com/features

A Changing Landscape:
Water utilities worldwide are deploying smart meter technology – for the first time – with the intent of improving back office operations, reducing water loss and expanding customer relations. This isn’t just a “smart city” phenomenon with metros like Denver and Austin, but among smaller cities and rural areas as well.

The surge in real-time data is fundamentally changing the way water utilities operate (as seen in energy) and Dropcountr is well positioned to be a leader in this space and shape the way water is understood, managed and delivered.

Further reading:
– Global Smart Water Meter Market, Forecast to 2026
– “The future of digital water technology is here, it’s just not evenly distributed yet
– Legislative Engines – 606 / 1668, California Data Collaborative

Similar developments in energy (2009 – present):
Energy Smart Grid Investment Grant
– US Smart Meter Deployments to Hit 70M in 2016, 90M in 2020

What we’re looking for:
Dropcountr is seeking a CTO or VP Engineering to manage continued feature development, and grow our engineering team.

What you’ll do as our CTO / VP:
– Architect and lead all engineering efforts at Dropcountr
– Manage and develop our back-end services APIs (Ruby)
– Support and manage development of our front end platforms:
– Two web applications (html / css / js)
– Cross-platform mobile applications (React Native)
– Support and extend our 3rd-party service integrations (vendors, customers)
– Maintain our DevOps infrastructure (tools and deployments)
– Work closely with the sales and customer support team to understand utility needs and refine/pivot product direction as needed.
– Provide support to the sales team by participating in sales calls and RFP responses.

What you offer:
– 10+ years of full-stack experience building production SaaS Ruby applications
– Enough DevOps chops to maintain and improve our cloud-based platform + the ability to learn what you need as you go
– Great communication skills, and the ability to work with a distributed team
– Ability to thrive in a fast paced startup environment
– A passion for sustainability and making the world a better place

You might also have experience with or an interest in:
– Sinatra
– Sidekiq
– Backbone.js
– React.js / React Native
– RESTful APIs using Ruby
– Service Oriented Architectures (and migrating to them)
– Amazon Web Services (VPC, OpsWorks, RDS)
– Bash scripting, Chef
– Data Ingestion / ETL pipelines
– PostgreSQL and PostGIS

Even better:
– Experience managing remote team members
– Basic UI/UX design chops
– A love of BDD / TDD
– A love of refactoring in-flight

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