Hydrant Flushing in New England

Like all water providers, Dedham Westwood Water District performs hydrant flushing exercises, at least once a year. Communication with the public has been standard procedure, but typically relies on people checking the website or paying attention to the news – a well intentioned but unrealistic assumption. With Dropcountr, DWWD staff are able to target customers […]

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Denver Water Case Study

Denver Water has piloted varying engagement strategies to educate customers about their personal usage and reduce overall consumption and better understand what channels are most effective ($/AF) for conservation communication and engagement.

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Lake Arrowhead Community Services District Case Study

Lake Arrowhead is a mountain community with roughly 8,000 connections and a destination for outdoor summer activities in the San Bernardino mountains, directly north / east of Greater Los Angeles. In 2015 the Lake Arrowhead Community Services District sought a customer portal to support the significant number of second-home property owners and seasonal visitors with […]

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Austin Water Case Study

Austin, TX is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the US. To address the rapidly-growing population and increasing water constraints facing Austin, the Water Resources Planning Task Force recommended that the City adopt a customer water reporting software to help homeowners realize greater water savings and to help staff cost-effectively engage customers. Print […]

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City of Folsom Case Study

Researchers from the University of California at Berkeley and the University of Kentucky examined the effects of Dropcountr on water usage in the City of Folsom. Analysis of 44 months of Folsom data confirms a 6% reduction in average household usage, and 12% reduction in high usage households. Find the Folsom White Paper here Read […]

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