Communication, the baseline for conservation – The H2duO

A conversation with the H2duO and Robb Barnitt, CEO and Founder of Dropcountr

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The Unanticipated Benefits of California’s Water Policies – News Deeply

From software to robots to technology originally designed to detect water on Mars, market-based policy approaches are spurring innovation, writes Ceres’ Kirsten James.

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The power of mobile apps to drive bottom-up innovation – Infrastructure News

Todd Myers explains how smartphone-linked applications can help plug leaky systems from outside-in Read the article here: The power of mobile apps to drive bottom-up innovation

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Dropcountr Helps Diverse Communities Reach More Customers – AWE Newsletter

To communicate effectively, water utilities must adapt messaging and materials to the unique needs of their customers. There is already a great deal of marketing advice aimed at increasing customer engagement–from split testing emails to conducting focus groups, but for many communities, that means thinking about how to communicate with an increasingly diverse customer base […]

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What Is a Water Utility in a Digital World? – WaterFM

One of the top priorities for a utility is its customers. Improving overall customer experience involves both transparent engagement and the delivery of cost-efficient, reliable services. Sharing data and data insights via machine learning with customers could help to build trust even if the utilities share information not favorable to utility operations, such as outages or water quality issues.

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Dedham residents tracking water usage with Dropcountr – Wicked Local

In addition to tracking water usage, customers can use the app to compare their usage to similar households, connect with utility alerts and rebates, and receive tailored water-saving tips. “Dropcountr makes it very easy for me to save water,” said Bobby Chapman of Dedham, “I get detailed information about how much water my family is […]

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Communicating the Costs of Water Modernization – Financing Sustainable Water

The costs of water modernization can be quantified, forecasted, and accounted for, years in advance. Unfortunately, communicating price and service changes to the consumer is tough.

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Dropcountr Raises $600k Seed Round, Launches Spanish Version of Product

Dropcountr, a startup offering water tracking and reducing software to utilities, has raised $600,000 in venture capital funding and launched a Spanish-language version. The new money is the first fundraising round for the company, with the Urban Innovation Fund acting as a leader alongside Zipdragon Ventures and other micro venture capitalists and angel investors. For […]

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Dropcountr comes to Dedham Westwood Water District

With matters of the home becoming more and more entwined with technology, residents can add another application to those they use to monitor their utilities. The Dedham-Westwood Water District recently launched an app and website through Dropcountr, a software designed to help users track their water use. Once residents have downloaded the free app and […]

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How Monte Vista Water District is helping customers monitor water use

MONTCLAIR >> Monte Vista Water District would like to help its customers use water more efficiently and to do that it is offering a free app — in both English and Spanish — that makes it easier for residents to track their usage. Dropcountr let’s people know how much water they have used based on the […]

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