Dropcountr HOME – Designing for the Digital Utility (Part 1)

The past few months at Dropcountr consisted of working with utility partners and customers from California to Florida, evaluating a new approach to the way we display water usage to our end users. Usage, units, dates and timeframes – it can be confusing! Shoot, that’s why we started Dropcountr in the first place! We’ve built […]

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Hydrant Flushing in New England

Like all water providers, Dedham Westwood Water District performs hydrant flushing exercises, at least once a year. Communication with the public has been standard procedure, but typically relies on people checking the website or paying attention to the news – a well intentioned but unrealistic assumption. With Dropcountr, DWWD staff are able to target customers […]

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January 2019: New Year, Same Commitment

No longer are digital customer services and analytics limited to the well-financed major metros; it’s becoming important enough, and valuable enough that smaller, leaner utilities are leading the change.

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October 2018: This is your utility calling…

Austin Water issues an unprecedented city-wide boil water notice. Also, WSI 2018 was a hit. All this and more in our monthly wrap up.

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unhappy customers

September 2018: You ask me to conserve and then raise my rates?

AWE and LADWP provide a rate study to support conservation efforts. Also, a Texan and a Mexican meet with a Palestinian and an Israeli – what about? All this and more in our monthly wrap up.

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digital utility

The digital utility:customer relationship – what to do and when

How a small utility in New England is leading the way in proactive digital communications. Also, how your utility can take small steps to improve digital customer service.

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augmented reality

July 2018: It’s More Than Just An App

The WWF takes a new approach to watershed education, a ton of activity on the Colorado River and news from Florida. All this and more in our monthly wrap up.

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Communicating with the Digital Customer: Denver Water’s Experience

Denver Water recently presented a 5-year perspective on their experience improving existing programs through targeted communication at the AWWA Sustainable Water Management Conference. Their experience can help inform your decisions regarding digital communication.

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May 2018: What is Human-Centric Design?

How can human-centric design influence the water industry? Denver Water’s digital touch and the end of the world. All this and more in our monthly wrap up.

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awe state scorecard

April 2018: Report Card Season

AWE and ELI release a 5-year state scorecard update, finding a better word than ‘drought’, adopt-a-drain and WaterSense. All this and more in our monthly wrap up.

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