Austin Water Case Study

Austin, TX is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the US. To address the rapidly-growing population and increasing water constraints facing Austin, the Water Resources Planning Task Force recommended that the City adopt a customer water reporting software to help homeowners realize greater water savings and to help staff cost-effectively engage customers.

September ’17 – Money for Water

Several announcements this month, so we’ll cut to the chase:

Hurricane Aftermath

Our family, friends, peers and fellow citizens need our support in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and Irma. If you are looking for a way to contribute, we’d like to encourage a donation to Global Giving. The organization is raising $2 million to first help first responders meet survivors’ immediate needs for food, fuel, clean water, hygiene products, and shelter.

WSI, here before we know it
Next month is WSI and we’ll be there. Stop by our booth (in the back, near the restroom) for a hello and healthy snacks. Free to get together for dinner or a lunch? Don’t be a stranger.

Draw, with Dropcountr
Starting this week Dropcountr customers can handpick the customers they want to engage by using Dropcountr Draw. Simply build a shape on the map in CLEAR using the Draw button; add additional filters like household occupancy, lot size or water used for more detailed analysis. Drop us a line at or stop by our booth at WSI for a demo =)

Dropcountr en Español
Earlier this summer we started supporting Spanish in the Dropcountr HOME customer portal. This step provides an option for your Spanish-speaking communities and empowers your staff to digitally communicate with customers in their language of choice. We’re proud to be the only vendor with this option for our partners and continue to solicit feedback. You can learn more about the program at this link.

Waterwise Survey
WaterWise UK is conducting some research on the spend of water companies around the world on customer engagement around the issues of water efficiency and water resources. They’d really appreciate it if you could respond to this survey, it should only take ten minutes